M.E.A.T. Club

Shortly after class last Wednesday, a few friends and the gents over at Yello Haus kicked off the first of what we hope will be a weekly tradition. It was the first meeting of the M.E.A.T. Club, that is, Men Eating Animals Together. Pretty self-explanatory. I understand how this might appear to the casual observer. A bunch of dudes around a grill in a figurative (and in this case literal) sausage-fest. I think we have a slightly different perception of the event:

We have viking hats. What's really good?

My roommates had picked up some $3 steaks from god-knows-where, and for my part I bought a delicious, yet economic, ale.

Our first choice, Naturally.

I arrived at the event where the grilling was already well underway. There was plenty of steak, Italian sausage, and chicken to go around; the mood was cheery. When the cooking was done, everybody feasted. There was laughing, storytelling, and meat. Maybe the $3 bodega steaks and cheap beer were getting to me, but at that moment, I felt quite content. Later, as we all sat in complete astonishment as my 5’6″ tall roommate devoured 2 pounds of steak in 20 minutes, I realized the true meaning of MEAT Club: Camaraderie. I think it was the late, great Rick James who once reminded us to eat, drink, and be merry… because it’s a celebration, bitches.

I hope this post was as heart-warming for y’all as it was artery-clogging for me.


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