Guest Post on Foot Fetish

No it’s not a fetish website. It’s Ryan Cleary’s blog on football, and it’s the best one around. Check out my guest post on Foot Fetish. Advertisements

The Bittersweet Ballad of Uncle Jim, Part Two: Uncle Jim’s European Vacation

If you’re just tuning in, then you’re going to want to check out Part One of the tale of Uncle Jim. When we left the can collecting, drink-addled madman, he was about to tell me about his European adventures. Specifically, Bulgarian nude beaches. I just wanted to note that Jim has a tendency to ramble … Continue reading

The Bittersweet Ballad of Uncle Jim, Part One: “Kooky, But Not Too Kooky”

A few weeks ago when I originally posted about Afro Baby I promised there would be something about “Uncle Jim” in the near future. And honestly, I’ve purposely been putting it off. There really wasn’t much of a story outside of his expletive-ridden rants and drunken antics. He curses in such a way that even … Continue reading